Responsible Marble Countertop Ownership Practices

Whether you install them in the kitchen, bathroom, hallways, or anywhere else, a marble countertop is a beautiful choice to make for any room in your home in Nashville. With some responsible practices and good habits, your marble countertop will last for years longer, and maximize your satisfaction. Read on to find out what these good habits are!

Responsible marble countertop ownership practices

Marble countertops are porous – protect them regularly

If you do not regularly seal the porous top of your marble countertop you will soon see light colored marks spreading. This is called etching, it is a natural process when marble comes in contact with acidic materials. If you don’t think that your home in Nashville is filled with acids, think again. Lemon is acidic, as are most other fruits!

Sealing your marble countertops can help minimize this issue. Annual sealing is a minimal requirement.

Stains are any dark marks on your marble countertop. Marble is porous stone, these spaces are where stains set in if spills are not cleaned right away. Have a white cloth nearby at all times to clean up spills right away.

A marble countertop with a stain on it can use a poultice to draw the stain out. This is a mixture of baking soda and water in a toothpaste like consistency.

Marble countertops can scratch and chip

A marble countertop will chip when it is hit hard enough. Sharp objects can also scratch them up with enough pressure. They’re not as easy to damage as plywood kitchen countertops, but they can’t take a hit that a quartz or granite countertop can.

Cleaning your marble countertop

Take every bleach based cleaning product you own and move it far away from your marble countertop. Any bleach will dull and etch your marble. Dusting sprays and abrasive cleaners can not be used either. Use good old fashion water and a mild soap, along with some elbow grease, to clean your marble countertop.

Over time, a marble polish will have to be used as the soap can build up into a residue. Stop by any hardware store in the Nashville area and you’ll be sure to find one.

marble countertop ownership advice

If you have any other questions about your marble countertop, or are looking purchase and install one, call the team at Stone World today.

Pro and Cons of Granite Countertops

Granite counters have been used for nearly every countertop application in Nashville for decades. You can use granite countertops in the bathroom, kitchen, outdoors, or in the hallway and they always look great.

We’ll look at the pros and cons of granite countertops so that you can figure out if they’re the right fit for your home in Nashville.

The pros and cons of granite counters

The pros of granite countertops

The most important pro in favor of granite countertops is their incredible strength. Do you remember the last time you heard one of your neighbors complaining about their granite counters breaking? Likely never as granite is one of the hardest natural substances on the planet.

Other pros for a href=”” title=”granite countertops”>granite countertops include:

  1. Each granite countertop is unique, no two are exactly the same as it’s a natural material harvested from the ground.
  2. Granite counters are more resistant to chipping, staining, scratching, and etching than many other countertop materials.
  3. Granite countertops are available in many different colors
  4. They require less maintenance when compared to marble. Resealing only needs to happen every 2 years with granite countertops.

With all of those pros, it’s no wonder that so many people in Nashville are choosing granite countertops over nearly every other type of countertop material.

The cons of granite countertops

Granite countertops are not completely stain resistant. They will stain when liquids, and a few other materials, sit on them for a long period of time. Homeowners in Nashville who are responsible shouldn’t have too big of an issue with this.

Other cons for granite counters include:

  • Since no two are exactly the same, what you see in a brochure is not what you’ll actually get.
  • Granite countertops are not for an amateur to install. They’re heavy and difficult to handle, even for your strongest pals in Nashville!
  • Granite countertop show a seam where two pieces of granite meet.
  • Your kitchen cabinets must be strong enough to handle their weight.

None of these are real deal breakers for homeowners in Nashville, but you should be aware of them beforehand.

Are granite counters right for your home in Nashville?

For more advice on the pros and cons of granite countertops, speak to the team here are Stone World. Anyone in the Nashville area who is considering granite countertops, but doesn’t quite have all the answers, is wise to call them up!

How to Care for Marble Bathroom Countertops

Marble bathroom countertops are made from a porous stone that needs proper care in order to thrive in a wet environment. Here are a few tips from those in the Nashville area with marble bathroom countertops in their home as far as daily cleaning goes, and warnings about ways that it can be stained easily.

Daily marble bathroom countertop care

The most basic thing you’ll need to care for your marble bathroom countertops is a soft cloth, water, and a spare dry cloth. The first cloth will do the cleaning, with water, and the second cloth will do the drying. Since marble bathroom countertops are vulnerable to water, this drying step should not be overlooked.

All abrasive and chemically enhanced cleaners should be moved far away from your marble bathroom countertops. Way too many of them have been ruined in the Nashville, Tennessee area due to them being nearby and someone who doesn’t know better trying to ‘help!’

How to avoid scratching and staining your marble bathroom countertops.

Since marble bathroom countertops are so porous, any type of scratch can allow stains to set in even further. Avoid this by having plenty of places to hang sharp objects and metal objects so they’re kept well up off the countertop.

Having a pad or small mat nearby to put down your using sharp objects, or even a hot curling iron, will help you be prepared for protecting your marble bathroom countertops. Many a Nashville area homeowner has saved their marble by simply being prepared.

Now, I don’t know what goes on in all the bathrooms of Nashville, and frankly I don’t want to know. But oily substances, lemon, vinegar and wine can damage and stain marble bathroom countertops. The wine I understand, how the oil ends up on your marble bathroom countertop is your business, but be sure that it is set on something that protects the marble.

Getting a marble bathroom countertop in your home

If you’re in the general Nashville area, and want a marble bathroom countertop in your home, contact the team at Stone World today. As the article above shows, it’s not too difficult to clean them and keep them stain free – just a little preparedness is all it takes!

The Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have been popular in the Nashville design scene for at least the last two decades. This popularity has led to many people choosing it for their home renovation, but is it always the right choice?

The pros and cons of granite countertops

Examining the pros and cons of granite countertops will help you make the right choice for your countertop material. Read below to find out what they are.

Pros for granite countertops

  • Granite countertops are made from an all-natural substance – granite – and are made by only one person: Mother Nature. Each one is unique.
  • Granite countertops are also made from one of the strongest natural substances on Earth, and can not be expected to be destroyed during normal kitchen activities, and if cared for properly.
  • You can find granite countertops in a wide range of colors, which can’t be said of marble. This leads to them being easily incorporated into a large number of design schemes and ideas.

These three important points should not be forgotten by Nashville area homeowners looking to switch to granite countertops. They can add value to your home, improve your use of the space, and help your design goals.

Cons for granite countertops

Many people choose granite countertops in the Nashville area, and many more will in the future as they hear about how great they are. These are the cons that people are dealing with:

  • Since each piece is unique, seams show even more than quartz where two pieces meet. There’s no way to hide it, they will be there.
  • Granite countertops have to be sealed about once a year, possibly as long as every three years. Failing to do so at least this often will leave your granite countertops vulnerable to staining.
  • You can not install them via DIY. They require an experienced and professional team of granite countertop installers. This is due to how heavy they are, and how hard it is to maneuver that weight. Do not trust this installation to you and a few of your closest buddies around Nashville!

These cons for granite countertops have hardly been deal breakers for many homeowners in the Nashville area, but you need to have realistic expectations.

Are granite countertops right for your home?

If you’re set on getting granite countertops for your home, or even if you still have some more questions, contact the design team at Stone World today. They’ll either help you get started, or answer any questions that Nashville area residents may have about granite countertops to help them make their choice.

Kitchen Countertop Material Choices: Granite vs. Quartz

Granite and quartz are two of the most durable materials that you will find for your kitchen countertop. Many people here in the Nashville area are choosing one or the other, but which one is right for your kitchen remodel or new build? Read on and we’ll compare the two across four major categories.

Granite vs. quartz: Which is best for your kitchen countertop?

What they are made of

Granite and quartz are both a natural stone. Granite, however, is 100% natural. Quartz is a mixture of quartz crystals and resin. The quartz crystals themselves are all natural and make up anywhere from 90 – 95% of a finished slab.

They differ because granite slabs are something that come naturally from the earth. What you get as your kitchen countertop is what Mother Nature grew over countless centuries (ok, you could count them if you were a geologist, statement was made for dramatic purposes!). Many Nashville residents are after this ‘back to nature’ feeling, making granite the more popular choice.

What they look like as kitchen countertops

Since granite is a natural product, the appearance of it will always vary slightly. There will be slight discolorations, differing patterns, and new veining in each one. You’ll never get one that is completely consistent with another.

Quartz, as a natural product that is altered by people, can be much more consistent. Control can be had over the color, patterns, and consistency. Quartz gives you control, and is popular amongst Nashville homeowners looking for a kitchen countertop that they have more control over.

Cost of using them as a kitchen countertop

Granite and quartz are both largely made from natural resources, this leads to their prices being largely consistent with one another. The cost of the slab that you want to use as your kitchen countertop largely comes down to your supplier in Nashville, and the current market fluctuation.

Contact the team here at Stone World to find out the current prices on granite and quartz in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Durability of either stone as a kitchen countertop

Quartz has the edge here, but to be fair both are very strong choices as a kitchen countertop. Quartz is made to be a better kitchen countertop as it has no pores, making it impervious to stains, water damage, or even needing to be sealed.

A granite kitchen countertop will need to be sealed about once a year, and could potentially stain if neglected. Durability isn’t really an issue as granite is one of the strongest natural substances on Earth, but it can become discolored slightly.

Which is right for your kitchen countertop?

If you need more help deciding which is right for your kitchen countertop, contact the Stone World design team today. They’ve helped many Nashville area residents make the choice, and can guide you down the path to your perfect kitchen countertop.

Facts you Should Learn About Marble Countertops

Marble countertops have many misconceptions built up around them in the Nashville area. Let’s get some facts out and dispel a few of those!

Facts about marble countertops that you need to be aware of

Mable is a natural material

This isn’t a harmful material made in some lab somewhere. This is taken out of the ground by hard working people, with minimal negative impact to the environment. That’s more than you can say for most plastics! While there are cultured marble countertops, they’re not real marble!

Marble countertops are not as expensive as you think

Looking at the long life of your home in Nashville, the ongoing cost of repeated installs of cheaper countertops adds up. A one-time install of a marble countertop in your bathroom can easily offset these costs so that you only pay to install it once.

Another point to look at is that marble countertops are available in a wide variety of price points. You can shop around Nashville a little bit to see this for yourself.

Marble countertops stain and etch too much

While marble countertops will indeed stain and etch slightly, you can care for them regularly and minimize this issue. A little bit of marble polish can go a long way to deal with etching, you can find it at pretty much any decent hardware store in the Nashville area.

You can also choose a honed finish for your marble kitchen countertop. They’re more forgiving as they’re not a perfectly shiny finish that shows everything.

Marble countertops don’t require exotic cleaners

All you really need to keep your marble countertops clean is a little bit of soap, water, and some elbow grease. Bleach, abrasive cleaners and highly acidic cleaners will damage your marble countertops quickly!

You will need some specialty marble countertop cleaners once every year or so. They aren’t exotic, most local hardware stores in Nashville carry them.

Are marble countertops right for my home in Nashville?

If there are still things that you want to learn about marble countertops, call up the team at Stone World. They’re the local marble countertop experts and can help you make the right decision about your countertop material.

The Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens and Granite Countertops

Cooking outdoors is a way of life here in the Franklin, Tennessee area. A good BBQ, a few brews, and there goes a whole Sunday – or a whole weekend! Outdoor kitchens and granite countertops are becoming more popular because of this, here are a few ways that they can help your next summer season go even better, and improve your home in general.

Start with low maintenance granite countertops

With it being outside, you’ll need materials that last. Granite countertops that are regularly sealed can last for years, decades even. Outdoor kitchens and granite countertops go so well together thanks to this longevity factor. Who wants an outdoor kitchen that lasts a season and then needs replacing, or that can’t stand a little bit of Tennessee style partying? No one I know!

An outdoor kitchen frees your indoor kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen can help free your indoor kitchen up from unwanted smells, as well as the rest of the house. It may taste great, but do you want your whole home to smell like fish? Likely not. You can get around this by grilling your smelliest foods in your outdoor kitchen, utilizing your granite countertop, and go back at night to a home that smells fresh.

An outdoor kitchen as an entertainment area

Having a few of your closest friends in the Franklin, Tennessee area over on a nice summer day is natural. Entertaining them by pulling a few stools up to your granite countertop makes it so you can all hang out as the food cooks. Design your outdoor kitchen granite countertop to have an overhang, creating a bar area for stools.

Adding value to your home with an outdoor kitchen and granite countertops

It’s no secret that most people in the Franklin, Tennessee area love cooking outdoors. This translates to more value being added to your home if you decide to sell it. For bonus points, conduct your home sale with the outdoor kitchen in full swing. I like my burgers with lots of mustard!

Using granite countertops is also of benefit as they’re a long lasting surface. Longer lasting building materials translate into higher resale values.

Designing outdoor kitchens and using granite countertops

For help getting your outdoor kitchen design going in the Franklin, Tennessee area, contact the design team at Stone Worldv. Outdoor kitchens and granite countertops go hand in hand together here in Tennessee, and they’ve had their hands in designing a few!

Green Granite Countertop Cleaners

Choosing the right green granite countertop cleaners can be tricky as the finish on a granite countertop can be damaged. Homeowners in the Middle Tennessee area try to figure out their options for green granite countertop cleaners can check out the list below!

Your own homemade green granite countertop cleaner

Most people like to add a little lemon to their homemade green cleaners – you can’t do this with granite countertops! Lemon is acidic and it will eat away at your sealant. Choose a mild soap and water if you’re going to concoct your own homemade granite countertop cleaner.

Green Works as a granite countertop cleaner

The All Purpose cleaner by Green Works is a great granite countertop cleaner as it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. It is made from plants and is biodegradable, an important green feature, and has no harmful toxins or allergens that could hurt your family.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear as a granite countertop cleaner

This product is 99% solvent free, but is still powerful enough to remove dirt, grime ,oil, and grease from your granite countertop. Free from chemicals, toxins, and being a biodegradable product made from plants, this is as good of a choice as Green Works above for use as your green countertop cleaner. Whichever one you find first at your local hardware store in Middle Tennessee is how you decide which to buy!

Method All-Purpose cleaner is also a great granite countertop cleaner

The minute most people read “all-purpose” they think of something with lots of bleach in it. This isn’t the case with Method All-Purpose as it is made from all-natural ingredients and is chemical free. Even the bottle itself is made from recycled materials – a truly top-notch green granite countertop cleaner!

Howard’s Naturals Granite & Marble Cleaner may be the best granite countertop cleaner

Howard’s specialty granite cleaner features a non-abrasive formula, is plant based, and has no toxins. You can use it every day on spills, or periodically to help get rid of built up soap residue. It takes a bit more digging to find this in the Middle Tennessee area, but you can order it online easily enough.

Caring for your granite countertops with green cleaners

If you have any more questions about your granite countertops cleaners and green granite countertop cleaners, contact the team at Stone World. If you’re thinking about having them installed, hopefully seeing all of the green granite countertop cleaners will help convince you that they’re the right choice in your home here in Middle Tennessee. The Stone World design team can help you with that as well!

Four Points to Consider as you Choose your New Kitchen Countertop

Homeowners in the Middle Tennessee area who are doing a kitchen countertop remodel have many things to think about. Try not to let yourself get caught up in all of the details and look at these four main points as you consider which material to use for your new kitchen countertops.

New kitchen countertop considerations

  1. The size of your new kitchen countertop

    Size doesn’t matter right? Well, in the design world it sure does! This choice comes down to the actual floor space that your new kitchen countertop will take up, and how thick the countertop itself is going to be.

    Different materials are best at certain thicknesses for different sizes. It would be impossible to assess your needs precisely via a blog post. Your best bet is to consult with a local design expert, such as the team here at Stone World if you’re in the Middle Tennessee area.

  2. How easy you want your new kitchen countertop to be to maintain

    Quartz is the king of no-maintenance, while granite and marble need sealing. Quartz is also non-porous and will not absorb stains, another point in the win column if you want a low maintenance kitchen countertop.

  3. Budget available for your new kitchen countertop

    Your budget has to be considered as we don’t want anyone in the Middle Tennessee area having to take a second job just to pay for a new kitchen countertop! A good design expert will be able to help you move your available funds around so that you get the best kitchen countertop you can, not just the one that you think you can afford.

  4. The look of your new kitchen countertop

    Yep, most people in Middle Tennessee think of this first, so I’m covering it last. You’ll need a stone that works with your design vision as a new kitchen countertop is often the most visible design aspect as they’re so large.

    You’ll also want to consider the finish used on your new kitchen countertop as there are currently five being used in the Middle Tennessee area:

    • polished
    • honed
    • flame
    • antique
    • leathered

    Each offers a unique look for your new kitchen countertop that you should consider.

Buying your new kitchen countertop

Come to the team here at Stone World for the best available selection of new kitchen countertop stone slabs in the Middle Tennessee area!

The Right Replacement for the Kitchen or Bathroom

What are you looking to get out of your countertop?

What you want to get out of your new kitchen or bathroom cabinet countertop determines which material is best for it. We’ll look at the pros and cons for the options in both rooms to help you narrow down your choices.

Bathroom and kitchen countertop material options

Replacement for the Kitchen

Replacement for the Kitchen

Marble countertops


  • First in any class for style, wow factor and sophistication
  • Good variety of colors and patterns
  • Smooth surface for preparing food, favorite amongst bakers
  • Surface is heat resistant and will not melt or warp when hot pans are placed on it
  • Chip and dent resistant


  • One of the more expensive types of stone
  • You must be vigilant with stains as it is more porous than other stone varieties
  • Can be etched or scratched by acids when not sealed properly

Granite countertops


  • Incredibly dense, making it durable
  • Difficult to break, chip and scratch
  • Low maintenance
  • Very wide variety of colors
  • Heat resistant, can handle your hottest pans and pots
  • Water resistant when sealed


  • Slightly less affordable in the short term than synthetics
  • Minor maintenance required in the form of sealing anywhere from once a year to once a decade
  • Usually requires a team to install as it is quite heavy

Quartz countertops


  • Fourth hardest material on Earth, making it the most long lasting kitchen countertop material
  • Non porous, resists water and stains better than nearly any other material
  • Heat resistant against the hottest pans
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Little to no maintenance required


  • Quite heavy and requires a team to install it
  • More expensive over the short term than other materials

Stainless Steel kitchen countertops


  • As stain proof as the name implies
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Reflects light to brighten up a room


  • Easily scratches, leads to frequent replacement
  • Shows fingerprints readily
  • Very noisy when you set objects on it
  • Can retain heat from pans and pots, making it slightly dangerous when you’re not careful

Ceramic tile kitchen countertops


  • Easy to install yourself
  • Durable
  • Resistant to heat
  • Water resistant


  • Uneven surface can lead narrow bottomed items falling over
  • Tiles are easily scratched and chipped
  • Grout is easy to stain

Still confused about what to choose for your bathroom or kitchen countertop?

Many people in Nashville have come to us at Stone World to sort out which material is the right replacement for the kitchen or bathroom. Call up our design team and ask them any of your questions. You can also take a look around our kitchen gallery, or bathroom gallery, to find some inspiration.