The Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens and Granite Countertops

Cooking outdoors is a way of life here in the Franklin, Tennessee area. A good BBQ, a few brews, and there goes a whole Sunday – or a whole weekend! Outdoor kitchens and granite countertops are becoming more popular because of this, here are a few ways that they can help your next summer season go even better, and improve your home in general.

Start with low maintenance granite countertops

With it being outside, you’ll need materials that last. Granite countertops that are regularly sealed can last for years, decades even. Outdoor kitchens and granite countertops go so well together thanks to this longevity factor. Who wants an outdoor kitchen that lasts a season and then needs replacing, or that can’t stand a little bit of Tennessee style partying? No one I know!

An outdoor kitchen frees your indoor kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen can help free your indoor kitchen up from unwanted smells, as well as the rest of the house. It may taste great, but do you want your whole home to smell like fish? Likely not. You can get around this by grilling your smelliest foods in your outdoor kitchen, utilizing your granite countertop, and go back at night to a home that smells fresh.

An outdoor kitchen as an entertainment area

Having a few of your closest friends in the Franklin, Tennessee area over on a nice summer day is natural. Entertaining them by pulling a few stools up to your granite countertop makes it so you can all hang out as the food cooks. Design your outdoor kitchen granite countertop to have an overhang, creating a bar area for stools.

Adding value to your home with an outdoor kitchen and granite countertops

It’s no secret that most people in the Franklin, Tennessee area love cooking outdoors. This translates to more value being added to your home if you decide to sell it. For bonus points, conduct your home sale with the outdoor kitchen in full swing. I like my burgers with lots of mustard!

Using granite countertops is also of benefit as they’re a long lasting surface. Longer lasting building materials translate into higher resale values.

Designing outdoor kitchens and using granite countertops

For help getting your outdoor kitchen design going in the Franklin, Tennessee area, contact the design team at Stone Worldv. Outdoor kitchens and granite countertops go hand in hand together here in Tennessee, and they’ve had their hands in designing a few!

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