How to Care for Marble Bathroom Countertops

Marble bathroom countertops are made from a porous stone that needs proper care in order to thrive in a wet environment. Here are a few tips from those in the Nashville area with marble bathroom countertops in their home as far as daily cleaning goes, and warnings about ways that it can be stained easily.

Daily marble bathroom countertop care

The most basic thing you’ll need to care for your marble bathroom countertops is a soft cloth, water, and a spare dry cloth. The first cloth will do the cleaning, with water, and the second cloth will do the drying. Since marble bathroom countertops are vulnerable to water, this drying step should not be overlooked.

All abrasive and chemically enhanced cleaners should be moved far away from your marble bathroom countertops. Way too many of them have been ruined in the Nashville, Tennessee area due to them being nearby and someone who doesn’t know better trying to ‘help!’

How to avoid scratching and staining your marble bathroom countertops.

Since marble bathroom countertops are so porous, any type of scratch can allow stains to set in even further. Avoid this by having plenty of places to hang sharp objects and metal objects so they’re kept well up off the countertop.

Having a pad or small mat nearby to put down your using sharp objects, or even a hot curling iron, will help you be prepared for protecting your marble bathroom countertops. Many a Nashville area homeowner has saved their marble by simply being prepared.

Now, I don’t know what goes on in all the bathrooms of Nashville, and frankly I don’t want to know. But oily substances, lemon, vinegar and wine can damage and stain marble bathroom countertops. The wine I understand, how the oil ends up on your marble bathroom countertop is your business, but be sure that it is set on something that protects the marble.

Getting a marble bathroom countertop in your home

If you’re in the general Nashville area, and want a marble bathroom countertop in your home, contact the team at Stone World today. As the article above shows, it’s not too difficult to clean them and keep them stain free – just a little preparedness is all it takes!

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