Green Granite Countertop Cleaners

Choosing the right green granite countertop cleaners can be tricky as the finish on a granite countertop can be damaged. Homeowners in the Middle Tennessee area try to figure out their options for green granite countertop cleaners can check out the list below!

Your own homemade green granite countertop cleaner

Most people like to add a little lemon to their homemade green cleaners – you can’t do this with granite countertops! Lemon is acidic and it will eat away at your sealant. Choose a mild soap and water if you’re going to concoct your own homemade granite countertop cleaner.

Green Works as a granite countertop cleaner

The All Purpose cleaner by Green Works is a great granite countertop cleaner as it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. It is made from plants and is biodegradable, an important green feature, and has no harmful toxins or allergens that could hurt your family.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear as a granite countertop cleaner

This product is 99% solvent free, but is still powerful enough to remove dirt, grime ,oil, and grease from your granite countertop. Free from chemicals, toxins, and being a biodegradable product made from plants, this is as good of a choice as Green Works above for use as your green countertop cleaner. Whichever one you find first at your local hardware store in Middle Tennessee is how you decide which to buy!

Method All-Purpose cleaner is also a great granite countertop cleaner

The minute most people read “all-purpose” they think of something with lots of bleach in it. This isn’t the case with Method All-Purpose as it is made from all-natural ingredients and is chemical free. Even the bottle itself is made from recycled materials – a truly top-notch green granite countertop cleaner!

Howard’s Naturals Granite & Marble Cleaner may be the best granite countertop cleaner

Howard’s specialty granite cleaner features a non-abrasive formula, is plant based, and has no toxins. You can use it every day on spills, or periodically to help get rid of built up soap residue. It takes a bit more digging to find this in the Middle Tennessee area, but you can order it online easily enough.

Caring for your granite countertops with green cleaners

If you have any more questions about your granite countertops cleaners and green granite countertop cleaners, contact the team at Stone World. If you’re thinking about having them installed, hopefully seeing all of the green granite countertop cleaners will help convince you that they’re the right choice in your home here in Middle Tennessee. The Stone World design team can help you with that as well!

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