Four Points to Consider as you Choose your New Kitchen Countertop

Homeowners in the Middle Tennessee area who are doing a kitchen countertop remodel have many things to think about. Try not to let yourself get caught up in all of the details and look at these four main points as you consider which material to use for your new kitchen countertops.

New kitchen countertop considerations

  1. The size of your new kitchen countertop

    Size doesn’t matter right? Well, in the design world it sure does! This choice comes down to the actual floor space that your new kitchen countertop will take up, and how thick the countertop itself is going to be.

    Different materials are best at certain thicknesses for different sizes. It would be impossible to assess your needs precisely via a blog post. Your best bet is to consult with a local design expert, such as the team here at Stone World if you’re in the Middle Tennessee area.

  2. How easy you want your new kitchen countertop to be to maintain

    Quartz is the king of no-maintenance, while granite and marble need sealing. Quartz is also non-porous and will not absorb stains, another point in the win column if you want a low maintenance kitchen countertop.

  3. Budget available for your new kitchen countertop

    Your budget has to be considered as we don’t want anyone in the Middle Tennessee area having to take a second job just to pay for a new kitchen countertop! A good design expert will be able to help you move your available funds around so that you get the best kitchen countertop you can, not just the one that you think you can afford.

  4. The look of your new kitchen countertop

    Yep, most people in Middle Tennessee think of this first, so I’m covering it last. You’ll need a stone that works with your design vision as a new kitchen countertop is often the most visible design aspect as they’re so large.

    You’ll also want to consider the finish used on your new kitchen countertop as there are currently five being used in the Middle Tennessee area:

    • polished
    • honed
    • flame
    • antique
    • leathered

    Each offers a unique look for your new kitchen countertop that you should consider.

Buying your new kitchen countertop

Come to the team here at Stone World for the best available selection of new kitchen countertop stone slabs in the Middle Tennessee area!

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