Responsible Marble Countertop Ownership Practices

Whether you install them in the kitchen, bathroom, hallways, or anywhere else, a marble countertop is a beautiful choice to make for any room in your home in Nashville. With some responsible practices and good habits, your marble countertop will last for years longer, and maximize your satisfaction. Read on to find out what these good habits are!

Responsible marble countertop ownership practices

Marble countertops are porous – protect them regularly

If you do not regularly seal the porous top of your marble countertop you will soon see light colored marks spreading. This is called etching, it is a natural process when marble comes in contact with acidic materials. If you don’t think that your home in Nashville is filled with acids, think again. Lemon is acidic, as are most other fruits!

Sealing your marble countertops can help minimize this issue. Annual sealing is a minimal requirement.

Stains are any dark marks on your marble countertop. Marble is porous stone, these spaces are where stains set in if spills are not cleaned right away. Have a white cloth nearby at all times to clean up spills right away.

A marble countertop with a stain on it can use a poultice to draw the stain out. This is a mixture of baking soda and water in a toothpaste like consistency.

Marble countertops can scratch and chip

A marble countertop will chip when it is hit hard enough. Sharp objects can also scratch them up with enough pressure. They’re not as easy to damage as plywood kitchen countertops, but they can’t take a hit that a quartz or granite countertop can.

Cleaning your marble countertop

Take every bleach based cleaning product you own and move it far away from your marble countertop. Any bleach will dull and etch your marble. Dusting sprays and abrasive cleaners can not be used either. Use good old fashion water and a mild soap, along with some elbow grease, to clean your marble countertop.

Over time, a marble polish will have to be used as the soap can build up into a residue. Stop by any hardware store in the Nashville area and you’ll be sure to find one.

marble countertop ownership advice

If you have any other questions about your marble countertop, or are looking purchase and install one, call the team at Stone World today.

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