Kitchen Countertop Material Choices: Granite vs. Quartz

Granite and quartz are two of the most durable materials that you will find for your kitchen countertop. Many people here in the Nashville area are choosing one or the other, but which one is right for your kitchen remodel or new build? Read on and we’ll compare the two across four major categories.

Granite vs. quartz: Which is best for your kitchen countertop?

What they are made of

Granite and quartz are both a natural stone. Granite, however, is 100% natural. Quartz is a mixture of quartz crystals and resin. The quartz crystals themselves are all natural and make up anywhere from 90 – 95% of a finished slab.

They differ because granite slabs are something that come naturally from the earth. What you get as your kitchen countertop is what Mother Nature grew over countless centuries (ok, you could count them if you were a geologist, statement was made for dramatic purposes!). Many Nashville residents are after this ‘back to nature’ feeling, making granite the more popular choice.

What they look like as kitchen countertops

Since granite is a natural product, the appearance of it will always vary slightly. There will be slight discolorations, differing patterns, and new veining in each one. You’ll never get one that is completely consistent with another.

Quartz, as a natural product that is altered by people, can be much more consistent. Control can be had over the color, patterns, and consistency. Quartz gives you control, and is popular amongst Nashville homeowners looking for a kitchen countertop that they have more control over.

Cost of using them as a kitchen countertop

Granite and quartz are both largely made from natural resources, this leads to their prices being largely consistent with one another. The cost of the slab that you want to use as your kitchen countertop largely comes down to your supplier in Nashville, and the current market fluctuation.

Contact the team here at Stone World to find out the current prices on granite and quartz in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Durability of either stone as a kitchen countertop

Quartz has the edge here, but to be fair both are very strong choices as a kitchen countertop. Quartz is made to be a better kitchen countertop as it has no pores, making it impervious to stains, water damage, or even needing to be sealed.

A granite kitchen countertop will need to be sealed about once a year, and could potentially stain if neglected. Durability isn’t really an issue as granite is one of the strongest natural substances on Earth, but it can become discolored slightly.

Which is right for your kitchen countertop?

If you need more help deciding which is right for your kitchen countertop, contact the Stone World design team today. They’ve helped many Nashville area residents make the choice, and can guide you down the path to your perfect kitchen countertop.

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