Facts you Should Learn About Marble Countertops

Marble countertops have many misconceptions built up around them in the Nashville area. Let’s get some facts out and dispel a few of those!

Facts about marble countertops that you need to be aware of

Mable is a natural material

This isn’t a harmful material made in some lab somewhere. This is taken out of the ground by hard working people, with minimal negative impact to the environment. That’s more than you can say for most plastics! While there are cultured marble countertops, they’re not real marble!

Marble countertops are not as expensive as you think

Looking at the long life of your home in Nashville, the ongoing cost of repeated installs of cheaper countertops adds up. A one-time install of a marble countertop in your bathroom can easily offset these costs so that you only pay to install it once.

Another point to look at is that marble countertops are available in a wide variety of price points. You can shop around Nashville a little bit to see this for yourself.

Marble countertops stain and etch too much

While marble countertops will indeed stain and etch slightly, you can care for them regularly and minimize this issue. A little bit of marble polish can go a long way to deal with etching, you can find it at pretty much any decent hardware store in the Nashville area.

You can also choose a honed finish for your marble kitchen countertop. They’re more forgiving as they’re not a perfectly shiny finish that shows everything.

Marble countertops don’t require exotic cleaners

All you really need to keep your marble countertops clean is a little bit of soap, water, and some elbow grease. Bleach, abrasive cleaners and highly acidic cleaners will damage your marble countertops quickly!

You will need some specialty marble countertop cleaners once every year or so. They aren’t exotic, most local hardware stores in Nashville carry them.

Are marble countertops right for my home in Nashville?

If there are still things that you want to learn about marble countertops, call up the team at Stone World. They’re the local marble countertop experts and can help you make the right decision about your countertop material.

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