Does Your Kitchen Need a Nook?



Allow your granite counter spaces to create a cozy kitchen nook

Bigger isn’t always better in the kitchen design world. In fact, many people in Nashville that are looking to renovate their kitchen are turning to cozy little kitchen nooks to add some intimacy and warmth to their kitchen. This warmth and intimacy can come in awful handy on a Monday morning!

Where to place your kitchen nook

The most popular place to put a little kitchen nook is right inside the space of a big bay window. This is actually one of the most popular additions put on a house as it doesn’t take too much effort to add a bay window, yet it creates so much space while also adding incredible lighting.

A kitchen nook that is in a bay window is our top recommendation for locations, but here are a few others:

  • In a currently empty corner of your kitchen. Remember that the point of a kitchen nook is to create a small and intimate area, a corner will help create this cozy feeling.
  • Out in an adjoining sunroom is another popular choice. There isn’t anything that beats some warm sunshine on a morning when you’d rather be in bed, instead of getting ready for work.
  • Between a wall and an island or kitchen countertop. Kitchens which have dead spaces in them, where no one really hangs out because there’s nothing interesting there, are common renovation areas for kitchen nooks. Having a kitchen countertop on one side, and a wall on the other, creates that cozy feeling that a kitchen nook should have.

Materials to use for your kitchen nook

You want to create a warm and inviting feeling in your kitchen nook, and you want it to feel connected to your overall kitchen design. Many people choose to incorporate their kitchen countertops as part of their kitchen nook table tops.

With the incredible popularity of granite countertops in Nashville, it’s no wonder that so many kitchen nook table tops wind up being granite as well. There are a plethora of warm colors available when you choose granite for your kitchen countertop and kitchen nook table.

Our favorites from our current range includes:

  • African Ivory Coast
  • Delicatus
  • New Venetian Gold
  • Madura Gold

Does Your Kitchen Need a Nook? Contact us at Stone World today for advice on your kitchen nook ideas. Our design team in Nashville is ready to help you perfect your plans, and then put them in motion.

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