Most Valuable Updates for Your Home

Why it pays off later

Getting the most value for your home in Nashville comes down to using long lasting materials. Choosing materials which have a short lifespan is a disadvantage when it comes to value. Either you, or the person looking to purchase your home, will have to remodel later on, decreasing value in both instances.

Choosing a granite countertop, for your bathroom or kitchen, is one of the most valuable updates for Your home that you could invest in. It is the choice that you can make right now which will pay off later, all while allowing you to use it as you wish during the time you live in your home.

Most Valuable Updates

Most Valuable Updates

The advantages of a granite countertop

I’ll look at the important practical points of why a granite countertop adds value to your home first:

  • Granite countertops do not depreciate in value over time
  • They do not chip, scratch or break easily – meaning they will look new for years to come
  • Granite countertops are formed by heavy pressure and high amounts heat, they can handle a hot pan or curling iron without warping
  • It is easy to clean granite with soap and water

Design wise, granite countertops off even more important advantages:

  • Each one is unique, giving your home a custom look that stands out as you break away from a typical cookie cutter suburban home design
  • Granite is a natural element that works well with many fixture materials
  • You can put a granite countertop in a modern or country style home and it will still look like it belongs, giving you great remodeling possibilities

Characteristics which lend themselves well to both design and practicality is a specialty of a granite countertop. Choosing one during a renovation, or as you build your new home, will save you money over the years as you don’t have to replace your countertop repeatedly. This will add value to your home if you choose to sell later on as potential homeowners know that they will not have to install a new countertop any time soon.

Choosing a granite countertop

For help choosing the right granite countertop for your home in Nashville, contact us at Stone World today. Our team of granite experts will be able to help you choose just the right slab for your granite countertop so that you experience the maximum amount of value for your home.

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