Patio Kitchens and Outdoor Bars

Selecting the stone that compliments the exterior of the house through consistency

Patio Kitchens

Patio Kitchens

Choosing the ideal colors for your outdoor kitchen countertop or bar is about a lot more than determining how big your fridge should be. There are considerable design elements to consider when you start looking at how you’re going to complete your outdoor space.

We’ll look at some popular color schemes featured on homes in Nashville, and suggest the stone which will work best in your outdoor spaces.

Monochromatic colors

The easiest way to select a stone for your outdoor kitchen countertop is to choose colors that coordinate perfectly with the colors of the outside of the home. If you have chosen a gray exterior for your home, choosing stones which feature primarily grey tones will be best.

For an actual example of a grey stone to use for patio kitchens and outdoor bars and countertops, try out our own Silver Silk from our granite collection, or see our Istmo from our quartz collection.

Keep in mind that ‘monochromatic’ doesn’t have to mean one color only, you can have varying shades of grey which work together to create an interesting and dynamic look.

Contrasting colors

A consistent look to your outdoor living space can be created through choosing contrasting colors. A very light stone, such as Helix from our quartz collection, or African Zambesi from our granite collection, can contrast perfectly with your dark home.

The flipside is just as easy to look at. Our dark Absolute Black will look striking next to your lightly colored siding. Choosing colors that are on the opposite side of the color spectrum can be done, but it must be done with caution. Most stone is, as you’d expect, a more natural color, but the right shade to contrast your siding can be found. Contact us at Stone World for precise advice on this stylistic decision.

Analogous colors

This is when you choose colors which are next to one another on the color wheel. The most common way that homeowners in Nashville do this is with the red, yellow and orange schemes.

A home which has red brick siding can feature a stone like our own Sunset Gold for the outdoor kitchen countertop. You’ll create a truly memorable look if you combine the red of the brick with the yellow of the granite, adding a touch of orange completes the look.

For help planning your outdoor kitchen countertop color choices, and choosing the actual slab you’ll purchase, contact us at Stone World. Our location in Nashville is ready to help you with all of your color choices.

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