Outdoor Living with Granite

Durable granite lasts as long as possible

When you start building outdoor living spaces in Nashville, for your BBQs with friends, or for your lazy weekends, you have to consider using long lasting building materials. An outdoor living space demands something beyond laminate, this is why many homeowners turn to granite countertops for their outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Granite: Forged in fire

When home design experts start planning for a long lasting outdoor cooking space, they choose granite countertops. This is for a good reason: granite was forged in the depths of volcanic activity – it can handle many Nashville summers without a problem!

The strength of a granite countertop isn’t limited to how long it will physically last, it is also related to the little things. The strength of granite countertops helps to keep them from scratching, chipping, or staining. Not only do they last for years, but they look great for years. In order to actually break one you’ll have to drop something on it that is much heavier than anything you’d actually ever want to put on a countertop!

How a granite countertop works with your outdoor plans

A properly sealed granite countertop also works well in an outdoor environment due to how it repels water when it has been properly sealed. A big problem with materials that are used outdoors is how water can expand and contract it, over and over again, slowly tearing it apart. Try using any sort of laminate and plywood countertop outdoors, it will quickly deteriorate.

Stepping aside from the practical aspects of granite, design wise it can’t be beat. Granite is a natural element, using it outdoors makes your outdoor space feel natural. Why build an indoor style kitchen outside when you’re trying to be outside and more in touch with nature? A granite countertop can be just the material you need to get that outdoor feeling.

For examples of outdoor living with granite here in Nashville, take a look through our catalogue. If you don’t see something you love, contact us and we’ll be able to help you further.

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