How Granite Updates Your Kitchen

Replacing laminate for the better

Upgrading your kitchen countertops from laminate to granite is a wise decision. Laminate kitchen countertops have never been the first choice of homeowners in Nashville, most people choose it for short term savings that come back to bite them in the long run.

Granite countertops are long lasting, look amazing, and keep their beauty for years to come. I’ll look at the reasons why laminate is an inferior choice for your kitchen countertop, and explore the benefits of granite countertops further.

The problems with laminate kitchen countertops

Laminate kitchen countertops have a number of common design flaws associated with them which lead to decreased value over the years. This typically includes:

  • It is prone to showing scratches.
  • Laminate can burn when a hot pan or pot is placed on it.
  • Stains on laminate are common and frequent.
  • Moisture exposure can cause the layers to begin to peel back.

With all of the sharp knives around that can cause scratches, hot pans that can burn it, sauces and juices that can stain it, and excess moisture from spills that warp it and cause peeling, it’s a wonder that laminate works as a kitchen countertop at all!

How a granite countertop upgrades your kitchen

Granite countertops are an instant upgrade over laminate kitchen countertops thanks to all of their many natural features:

  • Granite is forged in the heat and pressure of volcanic activity, making it extremely resistant to heat.
  • The dense nature of granite keeps it scratch free.
  • The unique beauty of granite was made by the most famous decorator – Mother Nature! Your granite countertop will be different than any other kitchen countertop in Nashville.
  • Granite is nearly impossible to break – you’ll have to hit it very hard to even dent it – this isn’t the case for laminate.
  • Properly sealed granite can withstand stains and water with ease.

A good granite countertop will withstand warping and burning when hot pans are placed on it, have a completely unique look, be nearly impossible to scratch or chip, not break easily, and it will resist staining from common spills. It’s the perfect kitchen countertop material.

Granite Updates Your Kitchen

Granite Updates Your Kitchen

Where to find quality granite countertops in Nashville?

Your closest granite countertop supplier in the Middle Tennessee area is us, Stone World! Our team has helped countless homeowners in the area upgrade their kitchen countertops from laminate to granite. Learn how granite updates your kitchen and contact us for advice that will find you the ideal solution for your design ideas.

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